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The Hunatics Club [Coming of Age Drama]

A descendant of the Hawaiian kahunas, Noelani Keoni, seventeen, travels to Makawao, a small cowboy town in Maui where she meets up with Kai and Stacy, who, like her, want to master the ancient magic to become kahunas. With their help, Noelani must pass one final test-stop the thunderstorm that threatens to ruin the Fourth of July rodeo, Makawao's biggest annual money-maker. As the Hunatics Club works on Operation Cloud Dispersal by night, Noelani faces other challenges by day: her flagging relationship with her estranged father; an earthquake that endangers Robert, a young boy withAsperger syndrome her jealousy over Kai's attention to Bree, the rodeo queen; and the Peralta brothers from Colorado who are bent on disqualifying Kai and his partner, John, from the double mugging event. Noelani must call upon her ever-growing arsenal of kahuna magic to meet these challenges head-on and step into her destiny as a full-fledged kahuna.