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The Gary-Paul Agency is a WGAe literary agency and a Hollywood Creative Directory listed production company. We are located in southern Connecticut one hour from Manhattan.

The GPA represents screenwriters, producers, directors and in the coming months we will be adding to our talent pool those with special skills, such as: media archiving and restoration, content research and editing, technology consultation and training.

For the writer the GPA offers promotional tools like DPK's, digital press kits, and acclaimed manuscript editing. For the producer and filmmaker we offer full service film and DV production and post production that features Avid Systems editing. Ancillary to that is our New Filmmakers Prep School. NFPS offers training in film & digital video production and Avid Systems editing to those new to the industry.

If you are in need of any of the above offerings, please contact us @ 203.345.6167, e-mail queries are encouraged!

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The Gary-Paul Agency can supply pre-Production staff and production crews for domestic and foreign production. Rates are based on short term assignments (under five days of principal photography). Rates for long term assignments are lower and available on request. Rates do not include video or film stock.

Our producers, directors, writers and office staff can create and manage any level of production.

Flat $1,200 per day includes producer, director, writer and office staff.

All equipment used is in excellent working order and operated by a crew composed of GPA staff and seasoned freelancers.

Flat: $2,200 per day for Sony DSR500 DV Cam production package and crew of two.

Flat: $2,500 per day for Digi Beta or Beta SP production package and crew of three.

Flat: $2,800 per day for 16 mm production package and crew of four.

Flat: $3,400 per day for 35 mm production package and crew of four.

Call for estimate: HDTV

Our post facility offers Avid and Final Cut editing suites, a state of the art digital recording studio and an e-media dept. operated by a highly trained staff.

$40.00 per hour with editor: Final Cut System off-line.
$50.00 per hour with editor: Avid System off-line.
$50.00 per hour with editor: Final Cut System on-line.
$80.00 per hour with editor: Avid System on-line.
$100.00 per hour with engineer: Recording Studio
$100.00 per hour: Composer/Musician
$75.00 per hour: e-media artist

*Rates guaranteed for six months from date of quote.

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The Gary-Paul Agency is a full service production company that  has it's roots  in film production. Award winning 35mm and 16mm cinematography.
Video production is a focus too with all formats available.

Fully equipped Avid post production and a very, very clean client bathroom!!

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