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POST PRODUCTION SERVICES                    Sound Design  
sound designSound Design is one of the most important elements in creating strong emotional content for your production; i.e., sound helps carry the message. Think of Jaws without those infamous two notes. Bernard Herman's scoring of Psycho...that sudden burst of sound tells us what may be going through the character's mind before "Mrs. Bates" strikes and that of course is...get out of that shower!

Sound design is not only the music score, what is called non-diagetic sound, but the sound effects as well; i.e., sounds that were never recorded during the initial photography or capturing for you digital folks. These sounds enrich or sweeten the visual experience and as mentioned in the above, can sometimes define it. Foley or the sweeting of incidental sounds can add greatly to the depth of the image or message.

If you turn off the sound in any production and watch, at best it's empty and thin and at worse, it's not understandable. Sound is just as important as picture and having an editor who understands this and works to that end will make your production the most effectively communicative work it can be.

We have such sound editors at The Gary-Paul Agency.

Give us a call and let us design an audio profile that will make your current and future productions the most effectively communicative works they can be.