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Mission Statement

The goal of The Gary-Paul Agency is to provide the qualified screenwriter with Guild signatory representation as well as offer the writer specific services that can contribute to the promotion and acquisition of his or her screenplay.

Company History

The Gary-Paul Agency was granted signatory status by the Writers Guild of America in 1992 and has been a registered service organization with the State of Connecticut since 1991. President, Garret C. Maynard is a literary agent and a working writer/producer/cinematographer. His most recent work is a feature film entitled: "The Waters Edge" (see American Cinematographer, Feb., 1996). Mr. Maynard teaches screenwriting, film production and media literacy at the university level, and is the author of The Incorporated Screenwriter©

A Word From Our Founder

My name is Garret C. Maynard. I'm a script editor and literary agent. I operate The Gary-Paul Literary Agency and have been a WGAe signatory since 1994. As an editor/agent, I ask the questions: What can I do to make your screenplay better? Is your drama, dramatic? Is your comedy, funny? Is your script an exceptional example of visual communication? Is your script in spec. format? Is it bound properly, etc? These are only a few of the questions I ask; there are hundreds and as your editor/agent, I offer answers to all of them.

Writers not only rely on me to answer their creative questions but they rely on me for legal advice. Many of the answers can be found in my book "The Incorporated Screenwriter" or answered in a phone consultation. Either way, the writer becomes better informed about their screenwriting. 

An advantage of working with The Gary-Paul Agency is that development executives know that my clients have consulted with me and therefore are well schooled in screenwriting. This saves the unproduced screenwriter from the bias development executives have about writers who have no screen credits. Edited screenplays from the The Gary-Paul Agency removes the bias. 

Writers like the fact that their edited scripts from The Gary-Paul Agency give them the edge in screenwriting competitions. Two writers who took my screenwriting course placed in the top one percentile of the 1996 and 97 Sundance Screenwriting Lab. Also, writers like the fact that I am a university professor who teaches screenwriting and film production. I am a working producer/cinematographer as well; all of which adds to my ability to help writers become better screenwriters.