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  1. A Land Remembered [Historical Drama]
    This epic historical drama traces the sweeping, heart-rending story of three generations of the MacIvey family from the 1850s to the 1960s. Tobias, a dirt-poor cracker,brings his young family to the wilds of northern Florida to start a new life and escape the looming of civil war clouds threatening Georgia. They barely manage to survive the hardships of this harsh land, but with the help from an escaped Negro slave and the Chief of the Seminoles they begin to forge a new frontier life. The family's fortune improves as they learn from the Seminoles how to catch, herd and drive the wild "Spanish Cattle" roaming Florida's uncharted landscape. Later, Tobias'son Zech expands the family's wealth by buying large tracts of land to plant orange groves and vegetables all over the state at give away prices. And finally, Zech's son Solomon becomes the ultimate developer of Florida real estate in the tumultuous years of the early 20th Century which saw Florida through the hurricane of 1926 and the “Great Depression" Based on an award-winning novel, this film not only depicts the unique history of Florida, it also involves you deeply in the personal dramas, tragedies and struggles of these three men and the women they love.

  2. Revenged Eye [Psychological Thriller]
    Revenged Eye is a psychological thriller, a story of the futility of revenge based on power, corruption of diamonds and blackmail. The main character becomes afflicted by three twists that are the base of the story, a medical twist, a criminal twist and a romantic twist. Through the thrilling acts of vengeance that Vanessa decided to fight against and win, her acts become more corrupted and psychotic and she earns that by taking revenge, backfires. Therefore, after a long battle to reach a certain goal, by acting on vengeance, no one really wins, no matter what game you decide to play with fate, you will always end up in the same position, when you can not accept your destiny.

  3. -18 [Horror]
    -18" is the second scariest movie every made, the first? is it's sequel; -18: The Cold Snap. "It's obvious we have a franchise in the works here". In terms of a franchise we have created a new monster/character, the Ice Zombie or Iceman. He's young, quick witted and loves to wield an ice axe. He's forced to live in extreme cold, cold that freezes human blood. The Iceman is like a vampire who controls his victims, first his friends and later the citizens of Sugarglenn Resort. Created by a soon to be ASC cinematographer and a Horror film expert, -18 is written to accommodate the specific demands of the genera in both form and content. The form presents cinematic killings so specifically designed that they could be seen as trademarkable events. The content offers a female protagonist in a story where she is figuratively and literally forced to fight oppressive male dominance but this is not "chicklit", what we have is far deeper; symbolism and visual metaphor abound. The premise? Injun Joe places a curse on Terry Schott, a newly fired and vengeful ski team captain, who in a drunken state kills Joe's wife in a car accident. Schott seeks revenge on Joe for turning him into the Iceman by targeting his daughter Jolind. She is sent on a mission to kill the Iceman before he kills her. But how do you kill a man who thrives in a sub-zero environment, eats dry ice and will stop at nothing to get his hands on liquid nitrogen?... "that stuff is crazy tasty!". Serious, yet full of comic relief, -18 takes inspiration from classic horror in which all story points and actions support a unique hunt and capture climax and the kicker are the visuals which remind us of an action packed winter sports film. Running time is 110 minutes.

  4. Remembering Hypatia [Historical Drama]
    The Roman Empire is crumbling, the fragments of the classical world regrouping in Egypt, when Thasos, son of an ill-fated scholar, meets Hypatia of Alexandria. Astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher at a time when women were shunned from learning, Hypatia is a daring visionary in a world about to change forever. An insidious power-struggle erupts between church and state, led by the influential Archbishop Cyril. The powerful Governor Orestes tries to quell increasing violence from religious fundamentalists, and Hypatia slowly finds herself drawn in, trying to preach her own message of free thought. As the conflict escalates, her students become her allies, and as the battle reaches its inevitable and horrific conclusion, the legacy of Hypatia becomes cemented in history forever.

  5. Tank Farm [Horror]
    As asphalt pumper, Kevin Gustin and head operator, Walt Mullen report for the night shift duty at the Peedmont Refinery, a bluish-green vapor cloud, that looked like it came from our atmosphere, but didn't, enters the Earth's atmosphere and envelopes their workplace. Their co-workers disappear under strange circumstances, and one, Steve Noon, is taken over by the evil entity. With Noon making their job immeasurably more difficult, Mullen, Gustin, and the surviving crew must obliterate the entity before it destroys them all. When the situation looks the bleakest and Walt Mullen may have become another victim, the exhausted Gustin must summon the strength to finish the job.

  6. The Wolf  [Crime Drama]
    This is the true story of a midnight rider, a rookie motorcycle cop whose beat is a four mile stretch of New England's Boston Post Road. It takes us back to a disasterous attempt in American history to legislate morality in what was called the prohibition era. As the number of our hero's arrests and daring exploits rise, the area newspaapers speculate: When will lhe get his?' The townsfolk wait through the long nights as they begin their vigil in the wake of his siren's lonely wails. Believe it or not, their small Connecticut town is incredulously posed to rival the most notorious of all places, Chicago.

  7. Dearly Beloved   [Domestic Drama]
    This 1960 domestic drama is set in the small town of Willowtree, Connecticut. A deeply disturbing marriage is played out against the 'perect' famiily plots of the current televisions screenwriters. Among them 'Father Knows Best' and 'My Three Sons.' It's also a time of little or no help for such troubled family member, particularly the women. Slowlly, but surely, the psychological breakdown that takes place among the four member of this family turns into a slow burn as the wife takes advantage of a murderous opportunity to rid her family the feckless husand and father. The outcome of what happens in the town's swamp on that snowy cold night depnds on a neighbor's on-going diary of the wife's woeful disclosures to her. Some might think of it as a viewer's choice.

  8. My Aphrodite [Coming of age Romance]
    Alena Acencio is a popular girl with an inner beauty that matches her outward appearance. She is also the catalyst in a high school baseball rivalry between her boyfriend, Jimmy Daryl, and Josh McGuire, who has unwittingly fallen for her. With help from an enigmatic school councilor and Alena herself, Josh hopes to overcome his inner stumbling blocks including his fear of falling in love.

  9. Autumn's Dream [Drama]
    Davey Corcoran is a senior at Galledette University, a school for the deaf in Washington, D.C. Corcoran is a great athlete and the star quarterback of the school's football team. He is so good, in fact, that if he were not deaf, he would have been drafted by a National Football League team. After graduation and going against the advice of family and friends, Corcoran writes the NFL teams requesting a try out. He gets one with the St. Louis Cardinals.

  10. Everything Falls Into Place [Coming Of Age]
    A gifted hockey player's life takes a musical spin in a new direction when he is hurt during his final high school game. Throughout David Collins' youth and teenage development, his father pushed him to be the best hockey player that he could possibly be. As a little boy, David's grandmother pushed him to be the best piano player that he could be. However, David's father did not approve of David's musical interest and informed both David and his grandmother that David is no longer allowed to play the piano. Nonetheless, David disobeys his father's wishes and secretly continues to pursue his interest in music. David's career- ending injury is the first of several life-changing events in his young adult life. David's injury causes severe trauma to his spinal chord, as well as nerve damage in his limbs. David's physical therapist suggests playing a musical instrument to improve the sensation which has been lost in his fingers. This is perfect for David because it becomes a reason for him to practice the piano. Soon after, David's long-term girlfriend, Jessica, breaks up with him just before they leave for college. David gives Jessica a necklace that night, and explains to her that: "if this necklace makes its way back to me, then we're meant to be." While at college, David becomes the manager of the Boston College hockey team. His grandmother dies of a heart attack in the beginning of his first semester. This becomes a catalyst for David to pursue his piano talent. While hockey came exceptionally natural to David, the piano does not. He has musical talent, yet he struggles time after time at becoming a great musician. David and Jessica spend their first year of college just missing the sign of each other's interest. A new girl, Natalie, soon enters David's life and it becomes very apparent that their personalities compliment each other extremely well. The primary focus of the screenplay is on David's struggling journey to find his life's calling, upon losing both hockey and Jessica. David finds his true niche as a pianist. The screenplay examines the extremely difficult transitional period in which teenagers enter on their way to becoming college students, and more importantly, adults. The decisions that David makes end up shaping his life forever. The story demonstrates that no matter how awful of a tragedy one might encounter, there is always good that can transcend from it. Also, while we might initially think that someone is causing us great emotional pain, they might, in turn, be doing us a favor. The story clashes the most masculine of sports (ice hockey) against the most placid of musical instruments (the piano); while at the same time, intertwining a love story maze among David, Jessica, and Natalie. The key questions are: if and how the necklace will return to David. 

  11. Birds of Prey [Crime/Suspense]
    San Francisco Chief of Police Jack Dorsey is a man on the verge of retirement, who's fighting to save everything he's worked for. Dorsey has ruled San Francisco with an iron fist for 25 years. He is used to making his own rules, but now he must catch a serial killer before his whole world falls apart. District Attorney Mitchell Bain knows where Dorsey's skeletons are buried. Bain teams up with Chronicle reporter Marty Shott to put Chief Dorsey on the hot seat and keep him out of the Mayoral race. Dorsey finds himself falling for Deputy D.A. Stephanie Brogan and feels control slipping away. He is now in a desperate battle with a blackmailer, a killer and a nosey reporter. But his biggest battle rages within. Can he face down his past and trust those who can help him, or will his own demons be his downfall? Jack Dorsey has become the prey.

  12. In the Fold [Drama /Thriller]
    In the solitude of the Wyoming wilderness biologist Katie Kennedy observes the predator wolf but unbeknownst to her she is the subject of observations by another predator, a serial killer. Katie's tranquil life is turned upside down first when she fights to protect the wolf pack she loves from ranchers who want the predators killed. Kennedy, along with her friend Lloyd, whose romantic advances are constantly thwarted, try to prove the pack of wolves are innocent of killing cattle. In so doing her quest leads her to Peter, her ex-brother-in law, who is slaying kidnapping and terrorizing women in the high country of Wyoming. But the prize this psychotic seeks is the woman he could never have, Katie. In the end though, it is the predators Kennedy dutifully protects and loves that take down the predator that relentlessly stalked her.

  13. She Walks In Beauty [Drama]
    Inspired by a true events, She Walks in Beauty is the story of an outsider looking in at America. Johnnie Odetto is a wealthy New York real estate developer, world traveler, and art connoisseur. He meets Suriya, an idealistic young woman of the third world, on a tour of her country, which is in the throes of a Marxist insurgency. Fascinated by her good looks and abiding altruism, Odetto invites her to return with him to the United States to see a world without war and suffering. Suriya works for the Ministry of Refugees, and is distraught by the ongoing civil conflict. She sees in Odetto a savior for her people and the embodiment of the American dream, which she believes is the inalienable right of all people. She accepts Odetto's invitation, as a respite from the prolonged agony of war; with the condition that Odetto will return to her country to build housing for the campesinos, who are increasingly displaced by the growing social upheaval. Almost from the moment of her arrival in New York , Suriya begins to see the same inimical forces in her country are insidiously at work in America. Her disillusionment leaves the couple with life altering choices. Odetto’s privileged world crumbles and his true character is revealed as his business enterprise encounters a sudden market collapse. Ultimately, the lovers lose the American Dream, but gain something much more valuable.

  14. The Porampo [Action/Adventure]
    Would you put your life on the line to film a killer documentary? To ride along with the porampopirates who take no prisoners? Filmmaker Nick Lakewood does just that in this story inspired by true events. Hes joined in Southeast Asia by friend and ex-SEAL Bobby BK3 Kahrl and young cameraman Lucky Bunnell. They work the docks and villages to make contact with a pirate gang, but no ones talking in a world of cover-up. Even more difficult for Nick are the antics of his own out of control crew. Luckys wanderlust nearly gets him killed and BK3 secretly cuts his own deal with a crime lord to split the booty from a pirate raid. When the filmmakers ride along on a nighttime pirate mission, BK3 shocks his partners by pulling a mask over his head and becoming a porampo, the Indonesian word for pirate. Cast adrift by the porampo, the malaria-ravaged Lucky slips to the bottom of the sea. Left for dead on a cushion in the ocean, Nick survives to embark on a revenge-fueled quest to hunt down his ex-friend turned traitor.

  15. Trail of Terror [Terror]
    Investigator Norris takes over a bombing case from the L.A.P.D. when it iis learned that there is a Middle Eastern connection. Two of the four terrorists trick another homeless person into carrying a suicide bomb. Ironically, the homeless become homing devices. Unbeknown to Norris the other two terrorists are on a sniping rampage in the Mid Atlantic area copying the Beltway Snipers. Investigator Norris does not feel he is doing his job unless people feel secure. The four terrorists explode a bomb at a Washington D.C. policeman's funeral. Norris is sent to Washington D.C. where he links the two groups of terrorists. While he is investigating a bombing in New York City he enjoys victory when the two snipers are arrested. It is short lived when the two escape from jail. After some good detective work Norris gets a bead on Jalal. While pursuing Jalal, Jalal sees his own death. Calm and patience lead to victory for Investigator Norris. Jalal and his partner are vaporized when a bomb explodes in Jalal's SUV while they are on their way to their target.

  16. Last Call [Comedy]
    Life,in a quaint but lively mining town where hockey is king, passes our hero, Matthew, bartender and captain of the diverse and struggling local hockey team, bye. Enter our villain, and corporate jerk, Vick, whose love of dance floors and his aquarium sized flea circus drives him to buy up and change the Mineshaft Tavern to an outlandish degree. The wild ride kicks into high gear when our hero decides it's up to him and his fellow teammates to step up and stop Vick as he plots to destroy the heart of the town, its beloved hockey rink.

  17. Yatsue (Yacht-soo-ee) [Historical Drama]
    Yatsue is an autobiographical adventure based on the true story of Yujong Choe, a young Korean soldier who is pressed into service by the Japanese empire during World War II. In Hiroshima, Yujong falls in love with the beautiful young Yatsue, only to be separated by the winds of war. When the city is destroyed by the atomic bomb, Yujong attempts to find Yatsue but is unsuccessful and believes the worst. He is ordered home and remarries back in Korea, only to discover eight years later that Yatsue is alive with his son. The reconciliation is bittersweet, as Yujong's second wife demands her place. Yujong's family, in order to make peace, sends Yatsue to America to attend university. Yujong, now a merchant marine captain, is broken-hearted and unable to reconcile his two lives, and his will to live deteriorates. The story-movingly sad, epic in scope, and written by Captain Choe himself who still lives in South Korea-is driven by the beauty of its characters as they try to live lives wrecked by war with a faithful, enduring love.

  18. The Hunatics Club [Coming of Age Drama]
    A descendant of the Hawaiian kahunas, Noelani Keoni, seventeen, travels to Makawao, a small cowboy town in Maui where she meets up with Kai and Stacy, who, like her, want to master the ancient magic to become kahunas. With their help, Noelani must pass one final test-stop the thunderstorm that threatens to ruin the Fourth of July rodeo, Makawao's biggest annual money-maker. As the Hunatics Club works on Operation Cloud Dispersal by night, Noelani faces other challenges by day: her flagging relationship with her estranged father; an earthquake that endangers Robert, a young boy withAsperger syndrome her jealousy over Kai's attention to Bree, the rodeo queen; and the Peralta brothers from Colorado who are bent on disqualifying Kai and his partner, John, from the double mugging event. Noelani must call upon her ever-growing arsenal of kahuna magic to meet these challenges head-on and step into her destiny as a full-fledged kahuna.