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The Incorporated Screenwriter® is a general audience informational video series and book package that teaches screenwriting by "incorporating" the creative aspects of cinematic writing with the complex business of script promotion.

The Incorporated Screenwriter STORY / WRITER
Text/video one presents the method in the creation of the screenstory or the text from which a screenplay is written. You will discover the most efficient way to draft your screenstory. ISBN#1-884947-01-8

Text/video two presents a simplified path to proper format as well as explains the need for specific page design. You will learn why proper format can be your greatest asset in script promotion. ISBN#1-884947-02-6

Text/video three presents the business aspects of script promotion. You will discover how to work with an agent and without one. ISBN#1-884947-03-4

Text/video four presents the details in the acquisition (purchase) of a screenplay and the writer's role in the process through production. You will learn how a screenplay is sold. ISBN#1-884947-04-2

The 112-page book can be used with or without the videos. It includes the transcripts for volumes 1-4, various writing samples, contracts, agreements. and much, much more. ISBN#1-884947-00-X

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