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The J-Rock

The J-Rock.
Put some silver hair on this sucka, and it's all over for that Jesus Potato Chip!

Although we are not a talent agency, we have made an exception for J-Rock. He's available for all occasions. The best Master of Ceremonies for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and the occasional bachelor party. Remuneration recouped in laughs and thick fawning by seated guitar players and newly famous invited guests. And if it's a music gig, J-Rock can really make them roll but please no drugs offered since J-Rock is really not a stoner.

If you want to bid on the J-Rock send us an email that states what you want to offer and when it becomes apparent that we have reached then highest bid we will close down the offering and the highest bidder will get the rock.

Proceeds go to help broken down film editors, insane directors and others in the industry who are just a mess.

Who Can mistake that chin? Who can mistake the furrowed brow? I am...J-Rock.