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Mr. Maynard is an educator and has worked in the field for over fifteen years. His specialty is Film History, Production and Screenwriting. He's available for consultation on course work for high school and college media education departments. Also available to speak to writer's groups and other related organizations.

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  education award
    President of Sacred Heart University congratulates Garret C. Maynard with a Medal of Achievement for his fifteen years of service to the university.

The Incorporated Screenwriter® is a general audience informational video series and book package that teaches screenwriting by "incorporating" the creative aspects of cinematic writing with the complex business of script promotion.

The Incorporated Screenwriter STORY / WRITER
Text/video one presents the method in the creation of the screenstory or the text from which a screenplay is written. You will discover the most efficient way to draft your screenstory. ISBN#1-884947-01-8

Text/video two presents a simplified path to proper format as well as explains the need for specific page design. You will learn why proper format can be your greatest asset in script promotion. ISBN#1-884947-02-6

Text/video three presents the business aspects of script promotion. You will discover how to work with an agent and without one. ISBN#1-884947-03-4

Text/video four presents the details in the acquisition (purchase) of a screenplay and the writer's role in the process through production. You will learn how a screenplay is sold. ISBN#1-884947-04-2

The 112-page book can be used with or without the videos. It includes the transcripts for volumes 1-4, various writing samples, contracts, agreements. and much, much more. ISBN#1-884947-00-X

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