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Local Pair Hits Road For Excellent Adventure

By Joe Myers
Staff writer

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You don't have to be a water skier to enjoy the new documentary "The Waters Edge;" created by two local filmmakers - Gary Maynard of Stratford and Mark Trumbull of Westport. The 105-minute film follows Maynard and Trumbull on a three-month journey they took around the country meeting and filming water skiers in 48 states.

Like the classic 1966 surfing documentary "The Endless Summer" the Maynard and Trumbull picture is as much about the journey they took as it is about the sport of water skiing. Anyone who has ever dreamed of getting into a car or truck and setting off on a cross-country jaunt will get a big kick out of the movie.

It's fun to see Gary and Mark coping with nasty toll takers, tornado warnings and other perils of life on the road.

"The Waters Edge" also takes us inside a fascinating subculture of sports enthusiasts who live for the fun they can find being towed by boats at high speeds on rivers and lakes.

The film is filled with the amazing moves these men and women can make with or without skis (the "barefooters" are even more fin to watch than the people who use skis).

"The Waters Edge" was shot on 35mm film (by both Maynard and Trumbull) so the tape has the visual quality of a theatrical film.

In a phone conversation after I saw "The Waters Edge," Maynard told me that he and Trumbull wanted to make a film that would bear comparison with "The Endless Summer" something that would appeal both to sports enthusiasts and people who enjoy offbeat Americana.

The two filmmakers spent close to two years editing 40,000 feet of footage down to the 10,000 foot final product and hope that they can pay off some rather stiff credit card bills with the proceeds from the sale of cassettes. Maynard and Trumbull are selling the film through their own Stratford-based company, Waters Edge Productions 203.345.6167

Maynard said he and Trumbull hope to do a sequel to "The Waters Edge" in which they will travel around the world.

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