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FILMCAMP is about a successful director who is accused of financial irresponsibility by his corrupt producer, and “reassigned” to work at Short Reels Film Camp with a bunch of bratty, out of control kids.


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Nestled in rural Connecticut, Short Reels Film Camp is the public relations scam of wanna-be movie mogul Alan Lipschitz, and the perfect cover for his shady film financing deals. Ted Putterbaugh is Alan’s shill - a B movie director hired to shoot Alan’s latest production, which mysteriously goes $30million over budget. Alan blames Putterbaugh and banishes him to run the camp “for his own good”. All the while, Alan is using the diverted funds to build his bloated McMansion. The camp custodian, camp administrator, last year’s camp director, even a mobster conspire to undermine the bumbling, self-pitying Putterbaugh as he attempts to teach filmmaking to a pack of whiny, entitled kids while they work overtime to drive him crazy. Ted finally uncovers Alan’s money scam and returns to Hollywood to execute his revenge against Alan for ruining his emerging success. Watch what happens to him as Ted tries to expose Alan. Watch what happens when the custodian takes charge of the camp while Ted’s gone. Watch what happens as the campers finally find the filmmaker in themselves. Watch what goes on at Short Reels and figure out why you should never pay to see a studio picture again.

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